Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Mission Statement

TEG is committed to becoming a more accessible and inclusive organisation whilst promoting EDI across the exhibitions sector and wider access to careers within it.

Our specific goals over the next three years:

TEG has created an EDI working group to establish good practice, through sector research and the TEG membership, to monitor progress and reach our objectives. It is our aim that TEG as an organisation and the wider sector of touring exhibitions is equal, diverse and inclusive. In order to reach this objective, we will take the following actions:

  1. Online Resources: We will create an EDI hub on our website which will include signposting best practice in EDI for the Exhibitions sector as well as toolkits and resources to support institutions to embed EDI in their own exhibition-making practice. Our online Manual of Touring Exhibitions will also be revised and updated to include information relating to EDI.
  2. Training: We will ensure that all trustees and staff members receive regular training to develop knowledge and awareness of current practices so that we can embed them in the operation, management and delivery of all our activities.

TEG will offer regular training and workshops with professionals working in EDI, co-designed by TEG in order to address sector specific needs.

  1. TEG as an organisation: We have created an EDI Trustee role who will chair a working party, that will actively work to diversify representation with the TEG Board and Advisory Committee.

 The following goals are specific areas of work and are supported by an ongoing review of our working practices, which will also include:

  • Seeking out training courses, collaborate to write TEG policy and an action plan.
  • Establishing EDI as an agenda item at our Board meetings and developing Trustee knowledge
  • EDI training for all Executive and Advisory committee members
  • Embedding EDI practices into our operation, management, and delivery
  • Collaborating and partnering with sector organisations to promote and share tools and advocate for EDI within the exhibition making sector
  • Advocate for relevant sector campaigns and initiatives through our network
  • Surveying and monitoring EDI practices and EDI demographics within our sector
  • Providing training and resources focussed on EDI that are accessible and inclusive.

We will also keep reviewing this statement and work plan to ensure our actions continue to be relevant.

What EDI means to TEG:

The difference between equality, diversity, and inclusion is:

Equality means making sure everyone can access the same opportunities.
Diversity means valuing the differences between people and respecting individual identities.
Inclusion is a measure of how safe and welcome people feel in their environment.

We will also recognise, challenge and overcome barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion such as:
Lack of equity
Lack of representation
Unconscious bias