Mission Statement for environmental responsibility

In this statement the term ‘sustainability’ includes the natural, built, economic and social environments in which TEG operates. 

TEG is committed to becoming a more sustainable organisation and supporting sustainable practices across the exhibitions sector.

Our specific goals over the next three years; 

Create an online resource hub on sustainable exhibition making. Our vision is for the hub to become the go-to resource for all organisations. TEG will vet tools and resources to ensure access to best practice information and support that enables organisations to consider how to embed environmental best practice into all aspects of exhibitions.

The sustainable exhibitions resource hub will be complimented by the development of training and resources to support professional development specifically relating to environmental sustainability. 

Our Online Manual of Touring Exhibitions will be revised and updated to include chapters and information relating to sustainability. 

These goals are specific areas of work and are supported by an ongoing review of our working practices which will also include;

  • Creating a Sustainability Trustee role, and reviewing all Job Descriptions to embed sustainability across our work 
  • Establishing sustainability as an agenda item at our Board meetings and developing Trustee knowledge
  • Embedding sustainable practices into our operation, management, and delivery
  • Monitoring and sharing our environmental footprint and implementing ways to reduce this impact
  • Collaborating and partnering with sector organisations to promote and share tools and advocate for sustainable exhibition making in the sector 
  • Providing training and resources focussed on sustainability, which will support organisations to reduce the environmental impact of exhibitions

We will also keep reviewing this statement and work plan to ensure our actions continue to be relevant.