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Ellie Saggers, Assistant Registrar - Fitzwilliam Museum


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Currently I am an Assistant Registrar at the Fitzwilliam Museum where I work on outgoing long- and short-term loans. I am also heavily involved in incoming temporary loans for major exhibitions: I was involved in 'Degas: A Passion for Perfection', 'Virginia Woolf: An exhibition inspired by her writings' and 'Whistler and Nature', all of which have been more than one-venue exhibitions. I have previously been on the committee for UK Registrars Group as the Web Editor, focusing on the development of the website and social media. I am able to add to the committee my previous experience of being on such a committee and of touring exhibitions from a University Museum perspective. I am very keen to learn from others' experiences and enhance the possibilities of other institutions touring possibilities. I am hard working, enthusiastic and very well organised, as every Registrar should be!