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Request for Proposals for Online Exhibition Development

Founded in 2013, Journey to Justice (JtoJ) was constituted as an alliance of individuals and organisations, united in their aim of inspiring people to take action for human rights in the face of increasing inequalities. To date we have cross community partners in 17 English cities, 400 members and 50 volunteers.

When we launched, we identified the UK as a place of increasing income inequality with many citizens feeling powerless and disconnected while the concept of human rights was under attack. We felt there was a lack of public memory about past struggles in our communities for social and justice and human rights.

We aimed – through combining teaching less-told stories of ‘ordinary’ people who have taken action for social justice, the role of the arts in human rights and understanding social change – to galvanise people to take action in their own journeys to justice, from personal to global.  Find out more about our impact at https://journeytojustice.org.uk/impact/

As a powerful means of achieving our mission, our first project was a multi-media travelling exhibition focused on the US civil rights movement, its links with the UK and its wider impact.

This travelling exhibition programme has visited 15 towns and cities (with 2 others booked) and has made a tremendous impact. Over 180,000 people have visited the exhibition and an additional 7,000 have participated in our arts, education and training events since 2015.

Our travelling exhibition launched in April 2015 and we now seek a digital partner to help us create an online experience, a newly curated interactive version of the exhibition: https://journeytojustice.org.uk/the-exhibition/

For a copy of the RFP email:  carrie@journeytojustice.org.uk    Thank you

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