Commissioning Agreement Resource and Template

TEG Commissioning Agreement template cover
TEG, in partnership with consultant Dana Andrew, have created this resource and template for museums, galleries and other cultural organisations that want to manage, formalise and get the most out of a commissioning relationship.

The resource and template can be customised to commission a variety of services or products for temporary and touring
exhibitions. Including:

• Marketing content and assets; for online and/or print
• Graphic design
• Exhibition design and build
• Object mounts

You will need to adapt the template (substantially in some cases) to ensure the agreement meets the needs of the services or products you are commissioning. The diversity of circumstances, and specific requirements of each user, means it not possible to create a single template that can be used to commission all types of services and products, but this resource provides a good framework from which to start.

A clear agreement has the potential to save time and money because the services or product(s) are more likely to meet your expectations, be delivered on time, on budget, and to the standard required. It can also prevent problems and misunderstandings developing in the delivery stage of your project.

This resource is available to TEG members; log in and return to this page to download the template and agreement. If you are not a member and would like access to the resource, membership costs from £78 a year.


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