3. What factors are influencing the sector currently?

A good understanding of the touring landscape, particularly within the thematic and geographical area in which you intend to (or do) tour, is essential to ensure that the exhibitions you develop, and partnerships you form, meet the needs of the market. This will also enable you to take advantage of funding and other opportunities.

In addition to the individual strategic and practical needs of the organisations you may tour to and with, the work of the sector is influenced by the:

  • Funding environment
  • Key performance indicators set by external agencies e.g. Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, a local authority
  • Trends in good practice
  • Strategic agendas of peer organisations, nationals, independents etc.
  • Regional or national strategic agendas

For information about becoming sector aware, see section: Sector Awareness.

Referring to the Sector Awareness resource in section 3, map out how much your organisation knows about touring and wider sector environment in which it intends to tour. Use this information to discuss and plan if and how you need to improve your sector awareness.

Devise a strategy for acquiring and maintaining the knowledge and understanding your need.

It may be necessary to acquire this information before your organisation is able to select an economic and exhibition production model.

List the areas of touring practice where your organisation needs to expand its knowledge and understanding:

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List the steps your organisation will take to obtain this wider understanding: