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Blue Tokay is an exhibitions company specialising in natural history. We are a creative team who has a vision to supply innovative and inspiring exhibitions to cultural venues. We aim to meet the requirements of our clients and to provide an outstanding service. Our staff of natural historians have worked in museums for many years and obtained experience in all aspects of exhibition work. This includes working with curators, contractors and designers. We are committed to providing high quality, object based exhibitions which engage with a wide audience including schools, families and other socio-economic groups. We work with a team of expert taxidermists, osteo-preparators, and photographers to provide material for the exhibits. Our objects are displayed in bespoke, secure cases which meet conservation and disability regulation requirements. We tour and maintain the displays and can tailor them to meet the requirements of the majority of venues. Blue Tokay are about bringing natural history, a vastly popular subject, to the public and allowing venues to exhibit objects they may not necessarily have knowledge about or hold in their own collections.



Langley Park
Co. Durham




Nicola Newton