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Exhibitions for Europe


After completing our degrees in archaeology and art history at the universities of Louvain in Belgium and Trier in Germany, we worked as an assistant at the University of Münster in Germany for four years and as a director at Musea Maaseik in Belgium for 25 years.

In addition to international publications on art historical and archaeological subjects and various translations, we were also instrumental in the restoration of the oldest Gospel book in the Netherlands and the oldest Anglo-Saxon textiles in Europe.

We led or participated in excavations and organised a number of successful exhibitions, including one on the Xi’an Terracotta Army, which drew over 198,000 visitors in 2008-2009, making it one of the most visited temporary exhibitions in Belgium to this day.

Since 2009 we have been independently active and advised museums and cultural institutions on subjects such as design and layout, exhibitions, art transport, interactivity and public relations, among other things.

Through http://www.exhibitionsforeurope.com you can sample the range of travelling exhibitions, for which international partners choose us as their exclusive representative in Europe. Thanks to our contacts in the US there’s also the possibility for European museums to reach US-venues for their exhibits.






Hubert Heymans