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InfoAktiv is a touchscreen system developed with museums and exhibitions in mind.  It is particularly helpful as it is very easy to change the content, making it ideal for temporary exhibitions as well as permanent displays.

  • InfoAktiv can be used to support temporary or permanent exhibitions
  • Apply traditional or contemporary designs to the touchscreens
  • Change your content in-house at the touch of a button
  • Make static PowerPoints come to life
  • Present all content including virtual tours, films, audio, maps, photos, timelines, pdfs & books in innovative ways
  • Engage the audiences with quizzes and games
  • Easy for volunteers to learn and manage
  • Buy InfoAktiv outright with no ongoing costs
  • Your investment is sustainable and future proofed.

When you buy InfoAktiv you benefit from a reliable, fully tested software platform, first class customer services, remote support and a great team to help design and set up your system.   We are offering all TEG members the opportunity to trial a system.  We will lend you a touchscreen & help you to design your display, providing support throughout the period of the loan.  There are no costs attached to this, just the opportunity to see whether InfoAktiv works for you so hopefully you consider InfoAktiv when you do invest in new technology.   We also provide most other aspects of AV and mobile technology so we would love to talk to you if this was on your radar.






Charlotte Slater