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International Touring Exhibitions Ltd. work with the creation, design, production and touring of international travelling and permanent exhibitions. Our exhibitions are high-end quality, offering entertaining, educational, family-orientated and interactive experiences. Our exhibitions are seen on a global scale in venues and museums, working with exhibitors and promoters in many cities. ITE has full control and exclusive ownership of the entire content of our exhibitions and our staff work directly with local organisations.

One of our exhibitions “The Beautiful Game – Legends of Football” bids you a very warm welcome into a world of Football! This unique exhibition offers exclusive access to some of the most prestigious objects from the world of football. The exhibition is modular and scalable, enabling it to fit any size of venue or structure, 50 sqm and upwards.

This exhibition is fully turnkey and is delivered including all ready to use exhibition content, including but not limited to quality display casing, all lights, many original football related objects including original trophies and video footage.

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Jørgen Hansen Jørgensen