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Pan Art Connections

PAN ART CONNECTIONS Inc. is a globally active firm affiliated with a European based museum and maintains its headquarters in the United States. Museums and institutions are offered a selection of high-profile, ready-to-exhibit, single-source collections, ensuring high attendance at a competitive cost.

Pan Art Connections image

Pan Art Connections image

Featured exhibitions include:

Some Highlights:

  • Collections are comprehensive, covering a substantial part of the artist’s body of work and are capable of serving as a stand-alone exhibition.
  • Museum curators are encouraged to put their “signatures” on the exhibition and can curate
    shows to their specifications adding to the extensive material provided.
  • All exhibitions may be expanded or complemented with art from the borrowing museum’s own collections.
  • The exhibits provide endless opportunities for the development of educational programs, which we can assist with.
  • Logistics and overhead are significantly reduced through efficient as well as accommodating “nail-to-nail” services even to the point of museums being encouraged to use their own established transportation channels.
  • Museums, institutions, businesses and private collectors may also generate revenues as well as exposure by joining our select inventory of single source exhibitions.


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Nicholas T. Kondoprias / Partner