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Strategic Interpretation Planning for Engaging Exhibitions

This online workshop will provide attendees with the tools and resources to develop an effective and layered interpretation strategy.

At the heart of an effective exhibition or cultural experience is a story or range of narratives. Stories that bring the past to life, offer new perspectives on the present, help visitors to develop their ideas and creativity, and provide a sense of belonging and well-being.

To communicate these stories effectively the interpretation and way-finding in an exhibition must be well planned, designed and implemented, as well as suited to the audiences who will engage with it. For this reason, excellent and timely interpretation planning is essential.

This online, live, interactive workshop spread over two sessions provides participants with the tools and resources to develop an effective and layered interpretative strategy, to guide the development of their visitor experience. It will consider:

  • The range of interpretative approaches available
  • Storytelling
  • Audience focussed interpretation
  • Structures for interpretative planning
  • How to develop an interpretative strategy
  • A range of case studies

During the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to put the learning and ideas shared into practice. Zoom breakout rooms will be used for discussions and activities in small groups.

This online workshop is interactive and delivered by an experienced TEG trainer.

Automated closed captions are provided on Zoom and BSL can be provided on request.

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