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Preparing to Borrow Workshop

The TEG Preparing to Borrow workshop supports participants to acquire the knowledge and confidence to make an application to borrow an object or exhibition. It is an interactive session, based on problem solving and discussion, covering:

  • The benefits of borrowing
  • Researching suitable objects and exhibitions for loan and hire
  • Making a case to borrow
  • Communicating with lenders
  • Loan applications
  • Fees and contracts
  • Sources of funding
  • Scheduling
  • Transportation
  • Facilities reports
  • Government Indemnity and commercial insurance
  • Security
  • Emergency planning

The workshop is delivered by a TEG trainer, William Brown, National Security Advisor, and a member of the Art Fund team, who will introduce their funding initiative, the Weston Loan Programme. The training encourages networking, and provides the opportunity to meet colleagues from other organisations who are looking to borrow and find partners.

To express an interest in attending this workshop please email: seminars@teg.org.uk.


    A programme of Preparing to Borrow workshops will be delivered in 2019; to express an interest in attending please email: seminars@teg.org.uk.