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Tactile Access to Collections Workshop

The TEG Tactile Access to Collections: Maximising and Managing Public Object Handling Opportunities workshop combines practical and theoretical activities to help you develop opportunities for the delivery of tactile access to your collections. Participants will learn:

– The benefits derived from handling objects

– An overview of approaches to object handling employed in organisations of a range of scales/types

– How accessioned collections can be safely used in a public object handling programme, including how to assess their suitability and restrictions for use

– An introduction to policies and procedures that can support the effective provision of tactile access

– How to plan a meaningful engagement opportunities involving object handling, using a session development matrix, learning theory and examples of good practice from other organisations

– Confidence to facilitate tactile access to your collections, and implement a robust structure for managing an object handling programme

The workshop is suitable for curatorial and learning staff who are interested to create/develop opportunities and an infrastructure for the public to handle objects from their collections.


Tactile Access to Collections Workshop image

  • Museums & Galleries Scotland, Edinburgh
    Members: £55
    Non-members: £75