1. Defining your aims and objectives; why does your organisation want to tour exhibitions?

Your organisation’s aims and objectives for touring exhibitions will influence the economic and exhibition production models it will be most appropriate to employ.

Common aims and objectives for touring exhibitions include:

  • Increasing organisational profile
  • Maximising the reach of exhibitions
  • Increasing audience numbers
  • Diversifying the audience
  • To work in partnership
  • To offset exhibition production costs
  • To generate profit
  • To access funding

Discuss and consider your aims and objectives for touring exhibitions.

Prioritise your aims and objectives:

  • Which are most important to your organisation?
  • Which help you to meet your wider organisational aims and objectives?

It is important to establish an order of priority for your aims and objectives, as it may not be possible to achieve them all through one project; some may not be compatible. For example, to diversify the audience for your exhibition, it may be required to travel to venues that are not able to afford hire fees or match-funding at a level needed to achieve full cost recovery.

List your organisation's aims and objectives in order of priority:

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