2. What resources does your organisation have to support a touring exhibitions programme? What resources does it need?

Your organisation’s ability to tour, and the extent and nature of the programme, is dependent on the resources available to support the activity. Assessing the range and quantity of resources available will help to set realistic, measureable goals as part of your exhibitions strategy, working towards the achievement of your aims and objectives.

Resources include:?

  • Financing
  • Staff time
  • Staff expertise
  • Collections
  • Exhibition build, kit and infrastructure
  • Exhibition intellectual property

Discuss and quantify your organisation’s resources.

Discuss and quantify the additional resources – if any – you will require to achieve your aims and objectives for a touring exhibitions programme.

For information about fundraising to support touring projects see section: Funding for Touring

For information about financial, environmental, social and cultural sustainability see section:?Sustainable Touring.

For information about increasing capacity through partnership working see section: Touring in partnership.

Summarise your existing resources and those – if any – that you will be seeking to enable your organisation to tour.

Discuss and draft a plan for seeking the additional resources you require.

List the resources your organisation has that will support it to tour:

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List the resources your organisation is still seeking to enable it to tour: