5. Selecting an exhibition production model to tour

Which model is most suited to your touring programme or current touring project?

Touring exhibitions employ one of six production models:

Production Models for Touring Exhibitions

1. Single venue

An organisation produces a touring exhibition, and manages a tour to other venues

2. Reactive partnership

An organisation develops an exhibition on their own, another venue expresses an interest in hiring it and the exhibition is adapted to be shown at the other venue

3. Lead venue partnership

A lead venue manages a partnership between a number of organisations, sharing workload and costs in agreement, to develop an exhibition

4. Equal partnership

A group of venues form a partnership and share costs and workload equally, to develop an exhibition

5. Strategic partnership

A national or regional organisation works with a venue, or brings together a group of venues - through invitation, application or competition - to develop an exhibition, providing funding or/and project management, that realises their strategic objective e.g. access or audience development

6. Commercial partnership

A venue or group of venues works with a commercial exhibition touring company to develop and/or promote and manage an exhibition to tour

Taking into account your organisational aims and objectives, resources, sector influencing factors and the economic model you have selected, review the exhibition production models outlined and identify the most suitable approach.

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