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Nomad Exhibitions

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Creators of international touring exhibitions

Nomad Exhibitions are innovative creators and producers of international museum touring exhibitions.

Nomad Exhibitions offer a unique portfolio of high profile exhibitions available for hire to museums and cultural institutions worldwide, and organises prestigious international exhibition tours, designed to provide the finest exhibition experiences.

Nomad’s exceptional portfolio of international touring exhibitions is designed to facilitate effective collaborations between cultural institutions on major curatorial projects, provide exhibition organisers and museum professionals with a tailored turnkey exhibition experience, and offer worldwide audiences the best visitor experiences with access to outstanding world culture, history, art and architecture collections.

Discover our portfolio of world class exhibitions, which includes our Mongol: The Real Life of Chinggis Khan, Ming: The Golden Empire, and City of Sultans productions, at www.nomadexhibitions.com.

curatorial excellence | state of the art design | seamless turnkey production | unforgettable visitor experiences







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