Sanders Exhibition Services

Sanders Exhibition Services (SES) is a specialist in the field of travelling exhibitions, providing a range of consulting and sales services to organisations involved in developing and touring shows. SES works with exhibition developers to create marketing materials, produce tour contracts, assist in the formation of IP licensee agreements, and manage the sales process of… Read more


Since 2005, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron work together pionneering in the art of immersive exhibitions. They directed the first original immersive exhibition about Vincent Van Gogh. Today, they’re the only company allowed by the Picasso administration to design a touring and immersive exhibition fully dedicated to Pablo Picasso.   SERVICES : Exhibition production Immersive… Read more


WHAT THE HELL IS AMAZIBITION??? Exhibition for shopping centers,airports and other locations to increase customer frequency AMAZIBITION = CUSTOMER FREQUENCY = TURNOVER! SHOPPING.ENTERTAINMENT Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old. The shopping EXPERIENCE is the key to the success for shopping centres, city centres and specialised retail centres. Interactive experience… Read more


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Nomad Exhibitions

Nomad Exhibitions specialises in the design and production of innovative and expertly designed temporary, touring and permanent exhibitions for museums, galleries and cultural venues worldwide.