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[TEG Member Offer] Save cash and carbon with your free trial of Virtual Courier

Make 2022 the year you act on sustainability!


We believe the priorities for 2022-2023 will be where carbon and cash savings come together, to address reduced budgets and carbon targets.

So far, Virtual Courier saves an average of 50 tons of CO2 and £50,000 per project.

Helping art organizations reduce their carbon footprints, making significant savings in cash and carbon, is Articheck’s main focus for 2022. That’s why we are offering you a free trial of Virtual Courier to use on the project of your choice in advance of TEG Marketplace on 28 April 2022. 


We will also measure the carbon savings of your project, which will help inform our upcoming project-based carbon calculator, and discuss the results during our share session and at our stand at TEG Marketplace. 

As well as offering cash and carbon savings, Virtual Courier provides security and reassurance to both lenders and borrowers. 


Book a call to find out more and set up your free trial


Your free trial:

✅ Includes 4 free Virtual Credits

✅ Can be used on any shipment before the TEG Marketplace event

✅ No credit card necessary


Don’t forget, Virtual Courier can be trialled with a traditional courier, bookend courier, or no courier at all. 


Be Well,
Annika at Articheck 


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