Chair’s Welcome

Sharing the skills, knowledge and experience of working with exhibitions

Welcome to the TEG website. If you are looking at it for the first time, please do take time to browse our full range of activities and opportunities. TEG is here to facilitate touring exhibitions across all cultural organisations, to provide guidance on the practicalities of touring and to promote good practice.

Our recent programme of research and professional development, supported by Arts Council England (ACE), exploring the Economics of Touring Exhibitions, is complete. It has created a range of valuable resources, which we will continue to make available. Our Preparing to Borrow programme – supported by ACE’s Museums Resilience Fund and our sponsors TESS Demountable – has offered training and mentoring in 2017/18 for organisations looking to borrow works from national and other large collections. Please visit the news section of the website and subscribe to our e-newsletter to keep up to date with the programme’s latest developments as well as dates for training and events.

The fully updated Manual of Touring Exhibitions is now available, with newly consolidated chapters that provide a clear and informative guide to all aspects of touring.

TEG continues to seek contributions from members to our ongoing collection of case studies, and is interested in hearing from anyone with suggestions concerning our work for and with the sector.

Jason Williamson

Chair, Touring Exhibitions Group